Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mr. Magoo - the blind kitty

Hello friends,
Buster here. We want to introduce you to Mr. Magoo. He is a blind kitty that was found wandering the streets of a place called Philadelphia...all alone by heself. He survived the streets for 2 years until he was picked up and taken to shelter. He was sick and the shelter was full, so he got put on the "your time is up list!!!" Fortunately, he was adopted just in time by furry nice people who give him a loving, safe, warm home with lots of food. His favorite are shrimpies!!!

This is Mr. Magoo - he is a furry handsome kitty! Our Mom say he always makes her smile...he is so cute!

Mr. Magoo (who is also called "Goo") doesn't do blogging, but he has his very own facebook page, which can be found HERE. He loves new friends, so if you are on facebook, please visit him!!

Here is Goo showing off his new tie!
Please remember, friends, special needs kitties and puppies make furry good pets, too!!
Until next time,
Love from Buster and Mr. Magoo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cat Nap Kind of Day

Hello furiends,
I'm so sorry it has been TEN days since our last update - not since I had seizure. Everything is good and well here (no more seizures for me, so far! Yea!!) We had nice, warm weather for couple days - now is cold and lots of white stuff coming down out of sky today. So - we all take cat naps all day.

Me, Buster

Please, Mom, put camera away...I trying to get my beauty sleep...tee..hee..hee.

Hope you're all having purrfect day! ♥♥♥
Until next time,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Buster Had Seizure!!

Hello friends,
Buster here. First, I want to tell you I am fine and please don't worry. BUT, I had to go to vet hospital again on Furiday!! Mom says it is impawtant to tell all kitties and their pawrents about what happen, in case if it happens to them, they will not panic (like my Mom did!)

It all happen so fast and Mom so upset, she can't take pictures, so I'm using this cartoon to try to show part of what happen. I was fine one minute...then next minute, I let out loud cry, like I was in horrible pain!!!

That's not the worst part, friends. Mom say I start to walk, then fall over on my side like a ton of bricks! Then, I draw my legs up towards my chest - real stiff like! I really don't remember any of this, but Mom thought I was having heart attack and dying!! She rushed me to vet...crying all the way!

Outside of vet hospital

  To make long story shorter, Dr. Brad (my doctor) said I had a seizure and it is actually very common in cats and dogs. Many times they cannot find a reason for it (my Mom did not know this.) I had an examination from head to tail anyway, and just like last time I went to doctor, they took some of my BLOOD to look at. Well, friends, guess what? Everything purrfect!! Dr. Brad say for a 16-year-old cat, I'm in remarkable shape! (I could have told him that...hee..hee..hee) So, Mom will keep extra close eye on me and if I keep having seizures, I will have to take medicine that will help stop them from happening. But, for now...I am fine. Here is proof:

Me playing with fake mousies
Me taking cat nap

So, friends, if you, or your kitty or woofie has a seizure, DO NOT PANIC. It might not be a horrible thing, but make sure they see a doctor!

Until next time,