Monday, April 29, 2013

A Cat's Life

Hello friends,
Dis is Rudy. Me and Buster and Sam have not been blogging much lately...too busy taking naps and listening to birdies outside the window. Is so nice outside now, Mom have windows open and also let us go outside for a while.  

Come play with me, Buster!! Come on! Get down and roll around in the dirt...tee hee hee. Ahhh...dis is the life!!

Buster not in mood to play. That's ok. We keep watch for birdies and squirrels. You never know what you might see!! Sometimes huge, big, black crow birds come into our yard!!
Back inside...Mom been busy playing Words on her new Kindle. When she not looking, I play for her! MOL!! Please don't tell her, friends!
Until next time,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring in the Air

Hello friends,
Guess what happen, almost overnight?
We get spring!!
Things have change...
Weather is warm, flowers are bloom, even Sam wake up from his winter hibernation and come outside for a stretch! MOL!
...and Buster survey the land
As for me, look where I am. Up here, friends! Look way up here! MOL!
I sit in open window and enjoy sunshine and fresh air.
I like this.
We hope you're enjoying some spring, too!
Until next time,